Why you should buy trendy footwear for your munchkin this summer

My Dearest Sister Sally,

Good day to you!

Hope everyone is doing well back home in East Killara. I am amazed to see little Monty grow up and I feel so excited to finally see my sister’s beautiful kid after 2 years.

I wanted to let you know about dressing your little munchkin Monty in cool new shoes this coming summer. My kids are already wearing trendy shoes like Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Air Jordan and the Adidas originals whenever the seasons come and this Halloween, they looked quite adorable dressed up like their favourite comic villains and colouring their shoes with fancy colours just for Halloween. I saw Monty’s picture wearing a cape and fangs. My, how he looks so adorable in that costume *mwuah. Click here if you want to Know more about Hype DC promo code

Its time I tell you about Hype DC Promo Code my friend Margot has been availing and you subscribed for such as well. It’s time that you buy the Adidas originals for him so he can walk around looking cool and feeling cool.

I remember how I once insisted upon mom to buy you that fairy dress and my goodness how adorable you looked. I bought you a new dress for your prom dance with Jamie and you looked truly like an Angel, much better than Emma Stone & Julia Roberts. I must say, among us 3 sisters, you are the youngest and the most beautiful one we have ever had, and it has always been a pleasure see you dress up so meticulously and look good as well.

I am glad you and Jamie are doing really well, and what I am even gladder about is that your dressing sense has improved even further. Monty sure has your looks and charm in his personality & he certainly is the stud in our family. Hype DC has the best deals in casual footwear in Australia and our beloved middle sister Justine keeps telling me about it as well as showing me the merchandise she bought.

Hence, I recommend you the same as well.

Pay my regards to Mum, Dad, Jamie and our little handsome hunk Monty.


Seeing you at Christmas













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